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Focus on developing and manufacturing of FUTURA tungsten carbide wear parts for agriculture tillage parts .

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Carbide fixed replacement forestry mulcher teeth for FAE, FECON, SEPPI M,AHWI, DENIS CIMAF-GYRO TRAC, PLAISANCE, BRADCO, LOFTNESS and TMC CANCELA.

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supply for construction equipment parts like Tooth &Adapter,Buckets,Cutting edge, Bucket attachments, Ice lugs etc.

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supply for Mining equipment parts like Wear resistant steel plates,Wear blocks, Hammer&Crusher,Chocky bar etc.

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we are specializing in hardfacing, chrome & carbide brazing , robot welding production technology process.

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who we are

HEDI MACHINERY specialized in researching, designing and manufacturing different types of wear parts for construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, recycling and tunneling industries morethan 16 years , founded in 2004 with production  area of 18500 sqm and employees more than 150 persons to work. The annual exporting turnover over fifteen million us dollars which widely sold to USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Australia etc.


  • Tungsten carbide Tile

    1.Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, High pressure resistant;2.Long service life;3.Excellent performance, high cost performance;4.High dimensional accuracy;5.Quality and performance stability;6.High flatness, toughness, balance stress.

  • Tungsten carbide grits

    tungsten carbide grit also called tungsten grints, carbide grits, it is used to welding or hardfacing material onto a steel body, to increase the wear resistance properties.

  • High chrome welding wire

    It is suitable for the welding of nickel based alloys such as Inconel 625 and Incoloy 825, and other stainless steel with Mo by the way of gas metal arc welding,tungstun-inert-gas arc welding. but also for dissimilar welds, e. G. Between stainless and nickel-based alloys and mild steel.

  • Automatic Welding machine

    It is suitable for various kinds of tillage wear parts, it greatly improve the production efficiency , stable welding quality guarantee the uniformity of the product 

  • Semi-Automatic welding machine

    Can be used to melting gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc. 1.induction heating speed is fast, high efficiency 2. simply put pieces of copper or silver solder between the head and the substrate properly.

  • Brazing carbide

    Can be used to melting gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc. 1, induction heating speed is fast, high efficiency 2, simply put pieces of copper or silver solder between the head and the substrate properly. 3, energy saving and low cost 4, the oxidation is in small area 5, the appearance is exquisite after welding 6, uniform heating, no shortage of spot welding and leakage

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